La Perouge de Toile

The tale of a boutique clothing and kitchenware vendor. Now sold off to New Zealand.

Business Sold, October 2020

Late in 2020 checking the website showed a closure page. The business has been sold to a New Zealander and will reopen with a new website, but oddly the domain name laperougedetoile.com, was not required. Maybe when they relaunch a newsletter or flyer will be sent out to their mailing list with a link to the new website. There is no obvious way for new customers to join.

But happily, this was only temporary. Before letting the domain expire I prudently contacted the new owner who still wanted the domain. La Perouge de Toile is now back and looking better than ever! My first overseas client!

The last page of La Perouge De Toile

Thoughts on La Perouge De Toile

Having never actually spoken to or met with the owner over the years, working on La Perouge De Toile was a different experience. The only contact I had with anyone from the business was when I gave lessons to the daughter in law in using WordPress.

I always had trouble remembering the La Perouge De Toile name, it's supposed to mean in French "beautiful towels". It's a good example of what not to name your business. Since most of the customers were English speaking it would have been better to have a more meaningful name in English, with maybe one French word to represent where the inspiration came from.

Last operational page when in Australia, October 2020.

Many, if not all, of the models are the owner's grandchildren. I suspect that as they got older they no longer could model children's clothing; and maybe they got fed up with being dressed and photographed by grandma.

Hopefully the new owners will keep up the quality of the products that La Perouge De Toile once sold.

Moving to Wix, 2017

Around 2017 the site was moved to the Wix platform. Maybe the daughter couldn't handle WordPress and the drag and drop environment was more suitable. The website looks incomplete in places; the blog doesn't load, the Contact Us page has inconsistent colours, and the main menu isn't present on some pages.

The babywear page. Note the cropped logo and the main menu has gone. Great photo though!

It still seems to be active with new products occasionally making their debut. As the children in the family grow up more child models will be needed, but maybe then the desire to run a children's clothing E Commerce website will go too.

More changes and more products, September 2016

September 2016 I was approached to update the website to a totally new design to sell printed bar mats, a new product. Before it was done the owner asked me to give her daughter in law some tuition on how to use WordPress. The new website was done by the owner's daughter in law using a completely different theme. It was still hosted by Rinet IT.

In October 2017 the website was moved to Wix where you pay monthly fees. The website seems to be getting updates as there are even more baby clothes. Gone are the bar mats and hand towels.

In places it's a bit incomplete, the slide show is missing images and the blog looks incomplete; the perils of clients doing website work themselves.

eCommerce with WooCommerce, March 2015

In March 2015 a new website was completed using WooCommerce. This has the advantage where you can copy the product page template to the themes folder, and change it how you like. And WooCommerce updates won't overwrite your changes.

Tea Towels

Part of the range I really liked were the tea towels, each a high quality towel with a lovely food or home themed image printed on it. They make excellent gifts and instead of getting money for some of the website work I took it in towels.

Tea Towel with a beer keg theme.
Tea Towel with a beer keg theme.

Bar Mats

Introducing the bars mats was the initial driver for redoing the website. These are rubber backed and probably use the same technique (and factory) to print alcohol related images onto them.

Rubber backed bar mat.

Website First Version, 2015

A new business was being launched that sells kitchen towels with beautiful inspiring images.

The website is at www.laperougedetoile.com.

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