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Ultimatum Toolset recovery

Sometimes access to the Ultimatum Toolset is lost. Read on to learn how to recover it.

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Custom Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance message in WordPress

The default message that users get while you are updating your WordPress site is not informative and some users might think that your site has gone for good. Read on to learn how modify your WordPress "Scheduled maintenance message".

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Troubleshooting CSS

Learning how to fix CSS problems in just a few steps, which can be repeated many times over.

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Framework Themes for WordPress

 A look at the available WordPress Framework Themes for WordPress.

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Backing Up Your Computer

Backing up your computer and website is essential for many reasons. Websites and computers can be hacked and both can suffer from hardware failures.

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Image Location Change for WordPress

According to Google's Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide images should be placed in one folder rather than being scattered about your folder hierarchy.

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