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Blocking WordPress Auto Update Emails

With the release of WordPress version 5 comes the option to automatically update plugins. A great idea but the emails you get are annoying. Learn how to turn them off.

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Glossary of Email Terms

Not sure what IT support means with IMAP server? Wondering what exactly a "From" header is in an email? Find the most common email terms defined in this to-the-point glossary. APOP (Authenticated Post Office Protocol) APOP, short for Authenticated Post Office Protocol, is an extension of the Post Office Protocol that allows passwords to be sent in […]

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Wordfence Last Rules Update Failure

Have you ever gotten this error message on your website from Wordfence? There's a link to click but it doesn't take you where needed.

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How to create an HTML email signature in Microsoft Outlook

Creating your own signature is a straightforward task using Outlook or if you want more options use Word. Plus your emails will have a professional smart look.

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Adding Libraries back to Windows 10

For some reason Microsoft has decided that the Windows 7 feature "Libraries" is no longer needed. Read on to add it back.

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Regular Expression For Validating Australian Phone Numbers (Including landline and mobile)

Recently I was tasked with writing a regular expression that would check for a valid Australian phone number for both landline and mobile phone variants whilst allowing for different formats (spaces, no spaces, international dialing code, brackets, area code, no area code). The below regular expression code and subsequent tests are for Australian mobile and […]

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