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Set up OneDrive on Linux

There is no official OneDrive client for Linux computers. The functionality of drive syncing can be achieved by using the third party software RClone. RClone requires a Linux computer with a GUI interface (it will not work on command line only installs).

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ACDsee Photo Editor and Manager

My experiences of using ACDsee Photo Editor and Manager. Panes or Display Gets Corrupted Sometimes when starting the panes or workspace gets corrupted, or more commonly the "Filter Menu" (the one with all the commonly used tools like crop etc.) in the photo editor, is lost. From the 2019 release and onwards there's now an […]

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Working with GPX Files

GPX files contain the location data of walks, rides and drives. Learn how to work with them and use them on your WordPress website.

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Windows Live Photo Gallery

Learning to live the good and the bad with Windows Live Photo Gallery.

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Free SSL for domains hosted with Name Cheap

Mostly, NameCheap is an excellent and certainly economical host for your websites. However, unlike many hosts they don't make getting free SSL certificates easy. Read on to find out how to get free SSL certificates using Lets Encrypt.

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WSL Commands and Notes

A collection of commands I find useful for running Windows Subsystem Linux.

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