Shortcut Keys in Oxygen Builder's Code Editor

These keys are possibly a standard in the coding community, but there's no documentation on the official Oxygen Builder website.

The following keys are pressed simultaneously with the control key. There maybe more with different key press combinations.

Key Combination Function
Control + CCopy selected text
Control + VPaste selected text
Control + XCut selected text
Control + /Comment line toggle.
Control + ISelect text between delimiters, like a set of brackets.
Control + ASelect all text.
Control + DEdit all occurrences of selected text simultaneously. First, double click to select text, all occurrences then become selected.
Control + FFind/Replace
Control + SSave your work.
Control + [Indent selected text to the right.
Control + ]
Indent selected text to the left.
Control + Z or Control + UUndo last change.
Control + PPrint a neat, readable and informative copy of the code.

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