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Mailing from Joomla

Mailing from Joomla using SendMail and some PHP.

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Joomla MenusTableMenu: :_getNode Failed

While redoing the Eltham Model Railway Club site I got the MenusTableMenu: :_getNode Failed whenever I tried to add a new item to any menu, even ones that were new. The admin part wasn't working either so new modules could not be installed.

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Increasing the search size of Joomla's search field

To comply with a usability report done on at Powermapper the search string size for Joomla had to be increased from the default 20 characters to 35 or 40.

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How to speed up Joomla

Speed up your Joomla powered website with these handy tips.

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Working With Shippers

Working with shippers when using Virtuemart. Here's how to disable them plus more!

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Moving your Joomla Installation

Move your Joomla website to its own folder on your web server. This is a good idea if you host more than one site from your hosting account.

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