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Samba not following Symlinks

Just recently Samba decided not to follow symlinks on my Linux user area.

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Text Manipulation Commands

Linux has some great command line tools. These ones excel at text manipulation.

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Ubuntu uninstall problems

I decided to remove some redundant software from my Ubuntu Maverick Meercat (vers 10.10) install and try and improve its performance as it only has a 1.6 GHz processor.

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Setting up Putty for Linux

I use Putty a lot to access my Linux server and whenever the Windows operating system gets changed I have to go through the settings to make sure Putty is usable, especially when using Midnight Commander (mc command).

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Starting the Apache Server

<p>These are a few notes I have made whilst using Apache 2 on Ubuntu.</p>

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Recover from Shutdown during Ubuntu Upgrade

Problems updating your Ubuntu installation. Read on.

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