Prince Excavations

With a need to showcase their excavation work and capabilities Prince Excavations came to Rinet IT for an effective and attractive website.

Using WordPress with the Gantry powered Helium theme. Helium is customisable and somewhat flexible, but there is a noticeable learning curve. You need to learn terms like atoms and particles which make up the components of the website page. These can be placed where desired giving some flexibility. I found the theme limiting in what you could do and it wasn't easy modifying the CSS to suit. I prefer to edit the CSS file rather than finding the correct menu item and field to change.

Potential clients can view the many work examples of Prince Excavations which includes:

  • General excavations
  • Indoor plant hire
  • Car park maintenance
  • Garden and Grounds maintenance
  • Bulk material cartage
  • Sport field rejuvenation and constructions

The Website

The site can be viewed at https://princeexcavations.com.au/.

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