Auswide Safe Access

A website based on one built originally on Weebly. A new owner had taken over and wanted the website moved to WordPress.

Weebly to WordPress, Auswide Safe Access, Feb 2021

Auswide Rigging and Crane Hire was sold but the website wasn't included with the sale for some reason. My task was to copy the Weebly website back to WordPress with some minor changes, mainly the contact details. Oddly, the logo (with a text change) and images were okay to use on the new website.

Slider Revolution was used to replace the animated text at the top of the home page. This was a much easier job than using Weebly to do it. This is the drawback of online website builders, making custom changes can sometimes be a challenge, but with WordPress it's much easier.

The website is no longer online but can be viewed at the Internet Archive.

Auswide Safe Access - home page.
Advanced Rigging website - home page
Advanced Rigging website - home page

WordPress to Weebly, Jan 2020

Auswide Rigging and Crane hire, Weebly version
Auswide Rigging and Crane hire, Weebly version

I moved the Auswide Rigging and Crane hire (https://www.auswiderigging.com/) from a barely running WordPress installation to Weebly. The client had used Weebly before and liked the website building and hosting platform.

Weebly is easy to use with blocks that are dragged into position. I liked the spacer blocks which not only spaced items top and bottom but they could also be placed either side of content, which is a feature WordPress's spacer block does not have.

Another nice feature was easy access to the CSS. And the whole template can be downloaded for safe keeping. As for most of these online web builders they get expensive in the long run with their monthly fees.

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