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Botanix Landscape needed a fast simple site to display basic information about their business. Plus, a place was needed to show off a landscape designer's portfolio; and a website is the perfect solution.

Home page. Botanix Landscape, brochure website.

WordPress was used but instead of using a ready made template it was decided to use one based on Twitter's Bootstrap framework.

Information on how to set it up came from a quick From Bootstrap to WordPress course from Treehouse presented by the talented and knowledgeable Zac Gordon. The course illustrates how both WordPress and Bootstrap are easy to work with and customise your site with your own theme. Being your own theme it's lightweight by not having unnecessary code and CSS rules (although Bootstrap adds quite a few) and alternate CSS colour schemes that are never used.

Customising your post views is much more flexible when you've done it yourself instead of trying to figure out what someone else has done.


The site was meant to have a portfolio but this did not happen as a number of landscaping projects didn't make it much past the drawing board. For large projects this seems to happen often as money can run out or there are conflicting interests as what can happen with projects that have a high public profile; for example, those commissioned by governments, councils and schools. It's a pity they weren't added as the website would have been given a real lift and clients would have been sold on the excellent work of Botanix Landscape.


There was a meeting lined up around 2016 but the client cancelled (due to a sick child) promising to call to arrange another meeting; but this was never done.

As the site was only partly done the client only paid half of invoice. The website was online 13-Oct-2014 and offline 7-April 2018 due to the domain expiring. The hosting was still in place.

In April 2018 the client let the domain lapse. It can still be viewed on the web archive at botanixlandscape.com.au

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