Bulk Buy Minerals

Bulk Buy Minerals gets a new website for a new owner.

The End, 2021

Early 2021 the website was taken offline. It can still be viewed on the Internet Archive at https://web.archive.org/web/20210124161126/http://www.bulkbuyminerals.com/.
Caution: This eventually takes you to a questionable website. Even on the Web Archive the fraudulent link diverts you, no matter how far back you go. It's a mystery how the hackers did it.

The other websites have gone into "Under Construction" mode. Maybe Covid-19 killed off trade to the point that it wasn't worth running the business any-more, like many others now sadly.

New Hosting, late 2018

The same owner also has Natural Beauty Group and this was moved to free hosting along with Cosmedic Queen and Natural Beauty Group in late 2018. So far, the site has not changed, including Rinet's website credit in the footer.

A new website with Woocart, April 2015

The website was redone using Woocart by My Theme Shop. This is an easy-to-use theme and although there were some issues at the start (I got it on special at version 1) the support at My Theme Shop was able to sort it out.

My Theme Shop typical theme options.
My Theme Shop typical theme options

I have found My Theme Shop's themes to be intuitive and easy to set up, they look good on both mobile and desktop devices, and they are fast to load. They all have the same options, so you soon get used to using any one of them.

The colourful and effective logo was created using Adobe Fireworks, an application that doesn't get much attention now, but I find it great for web graphics.

Screen Shots

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