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Favourite WordPress Themes and Frameworks

WordPress is a great tool for building websites using my favourite WordPress templates and frameworks. Have a read and see if you agree with my selections!

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Favourite WordPress Plugins

WordPress is great for building websites and the job is made even better with my favourite WordPress plugins.

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Creating a Splash Page for WordPress

A front page is a great way to greet your users. Read on to make one for WordPress.

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WordPress Child Themes

<h3>Child Themes</h3>
<p>Before making any changes to a theme consider making a child theme and modifying that. Your changes will not be lost when the theme is updated and your changes are easier to manage when they are not surrounded by the many lines of the main theme. I didn't use a child theme here but I wish I did! Have a look at the official way <a href="">here</a>.

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Disable WordPress Auto Update

With the release of WordPress 3.7 came automatic updates. While in principle this is fine occasionally there is a bad update or some of your old plugins are not compatible with the new WordPress version.

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Scrolling through a single category

While building a way was needed to stay within the Catalogue category and not get posts from the already sold items in the Portfolio category.

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