Favourite WordPress Plugins

WordPress is great for building websites and the job is made even better with my favourite WordPress plugins.

If you find a plugin you like copy the name and search for it from your site's back end "Add new plugin" option, then simply install and activate it.


Forms are often an essential part of a website. Most plugins I found have limitations and you are better off making your own from scratch using PHP.

Contact Form 7

One of the most popular form plugins for WordPress. There are many plugins which support it including one that adds a calendar to date fields. An example of its use is with MGE Painting's quote page and the job application page.

Ninja Forms

This was once shipped with Ultimatum. It's a great way to build forms. Not that easy to use but if you know PHP code it can be very flexible.

Chrono Forms

One of the most flexible and programmable form plugins I have come across is a forms plugin by Chronoforms. You need to buy a license for each site you build but it's probably worth it.


This comes with the Ultimatum Theme and is available from from Code Canyon. It's easy to use being drag and drop. You can make forms for a page or modal forms; ie it appears in a pop up over the main browser screen.

It's worth buying Ultimatum to get DVHC; plus you get a whole bunch of excellent plugins included.


Go Live Update URLS

This excellent plugin updates all of your URLs for when you are ready to cut over a new site. This is a much better way than trying to catch all of the updates yourself. It helps avoid the embarrassing missing image errors often encountered when changing a site's URL.

Subscribe to Comments

Subscribe to Comments allows commenters on an entry to subscribe to e-mail notifications for subsequent comments.

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PluginBuddy Mobile

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Twitter Tools



Responsive Lightbox allows users to view larger versions of images and galleries in a lightbox (overlay) effect optimized for mobile devices.



All in one SEO pack

WordPress SEO by Yoast


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