Healthy Parks Healthy People

The first Healthy Parks Healthy People site (shown left) used Joomla and was a collaborative effort between Sarah Bell, Kimberly Palmer and myself. The site was commissioned by Parks Victoria.

A close up using the "torn page" technique.

Sarah did a brilliant job with the graphics, CSS colours and fine tuning while Kimberly provided the article content. My role was to set up and install Joomla and the many modules that make the site useful. I modified the CSS to improve the site's presentation and create the mouse-over messages for the Channel images. The site used the JS Community template from Joomlashack.

Healthy Parks Healthy People done in WordPress
Healthy Parks Healthy People done in WordPress


Healthy Parks Healthy People has now been completely redone using WordPress. And after my latest experiences with Joomla! I am not surprised. WordPress is really taking over from Joomla!.

As a footnote I got a notice (they hadn't updated the technical contact) that the domain name was about to expire on 1-Apr-2016. The domain hasn't been renewed and the site is offline. There is still a link to it from the Parks Victoria site. The HPHP project is now finished.

Since early 2019 the website has gone off-line, but it's still available on the Web Archive.

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