Insert a blank line before a table

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Doing a simple thing like adding a line before an MS Word table or even a WordPress table is not simple sometimes!If you are unlucky and have a table right at the top of the page inserting a line can be a pain. This should be on the context menu (right click menu) but with the solution below inserting a line in the first cell is now possible.


Use this procedure to insert a blank line before a table that is on the first line of the first page in a document.

  1. Click in the upper-left cell in the first row of the table. NOTE If you have text in the upper-left cell, place the insertion point before the text.
  2. Press ENTER.


You can also have the same problem with WordPress.

In this case simply switch to "Text" mode and then add any alphabetical character above the table (indicated by the <table> tag). Continue editing by switching to "Visual" mode.

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