MGE Painting

A painter who wanted to get noticed with a new responsive site.

New Design, August 2018

The new website was not done by Rinet IT, even though I did a few fixes for them after the initial design was done for no charge. Which goes to show, it's not worth giving out your time for free.

Anyway the new design is quite nice, most of the elements I put in are still there; so maybe it was just a very quick (and cheap) update. The new design is a lot lighter than mine. I have noticed a few problems like the menu being unreadable once you scroll down and some pages come up blank. It uses the Avada theme from Theme Fusion.

Hosting is still supplied by Crazy Domains which serves the website up at a very slow 17 seconds, compared to NameCheap at for this website at just over 6 seconds. Not good for SEO.

To their credit they have spent some money on a nice video but the presenter has an irritating American accent; it would have been much better to use an Australian artist and increase the appeal to local audiences.

The website is still at mgepainting.com.au.

Site Redesign, April 2015

The old MGE Painting site was getting very tired and it was not mobile compatible. The new site is responsive to the narrow screens of tablets and mobiles. As the screen shrinks the site is formatted to fit. Sites that are mobile compatible rank better in search engine search results for mobile users.

Ultimatum theme was used and the build went well. I made use of the Wonder Loops plugin to make the locations near the bottom of the home page. This is for search optimisation purposes and new locations are added via a custom post.

MGE Painting needed two forms, one for customer enquiries and one for painters looking for work. Contact Form 7 is simple to use and well supported.

The weatherboard background was created in Adobe Fireworks by making a magenta strip and then applying a gradient to make it look like an angled weatherboard. Repeated vertically it looks like the side of a house, which is what MGE Painting commonly paint.

The pages

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