Mobile Locksmith (suburb)

Another website for Locks Unlimited to attract more traffic and business.

Using Domains for SEO

This website was set up to use 20 domains accessing one website for the purposes of SEO. The assumption was that a potential customer will search Google for "mobile locksmith carlton" and Locks Unlimited's website will come up. It did work for a while until an update from Google meant that domains with the same owner were demoted. This made Mobile Locksmith an expensive website to keep going.

Using the Domain

The domain was used to populate the website with suburb specific information, such as the contact phone number. The information was stored in a database so additional information could be added later.

   $pageURL = str_replace("www.","",$pageURL);    // remove leading www.
   // Connect to the database.
   // Set the database access information as constants.
   DEFINE ('DB_USER', 'rinetitc_lu4');
   DEFINE ('DB_PASSWORD', 'LfRgr8Zq94W84HMjhb9j');
   DEFINE ('DB_HOST', 'localhost');
   DEFINE ('DB_NAME', 'rinetitc_lu4');
   // Make the connection.
   @mysql_connect (DB_HOST, DB_USER, DB_PASSWORD) OR die ('Could not connect to MySQL: ' . mysql_error() ); 
  // Select the database.
   @mysql_select_db (DB_NAME) OR die ('Could not select the database: ' . mysql_error() );
   // Retrieve the data for the page URL
   $query=sprintf("SELECT * FROM dta_urlparams 
   WHERE domain='%s'",
   // echo "Query: ".$query;
   // Execute the query.
   // Return a record (if found).
   $row = mysql_fetch_array($result, MYSQL_ASSOC);
   // If a record was returned.
   $suburb = trim($row['suburb']);
   $email = trim($row['email']);
   $aboutus = trim($row['aboutus']);
   $phoneno = trim($row['phoneno']);
   } else {
   // Default values...
   $suburb = "Carlton";
   $email = "info@mobilelocksmithscarlton.com.au";
   // Not all db rows have this info filled in.
   if ($aboutus == "") 
   $aboutus = "Mobile Locksmith {suburb} understands the current trends in the electronic marketplace, so we have invested in the correct tools, technology and software to keep us updated and connected.From Cutting Keys, Programming Transponder keys for new vehicle or CCTV surveillance systems. Mobile Locksmiths {suburb} can serve you.</p>
   <p>You can trust Mobile Locksmith {suburb} with the security of your home, office and car…. and not to laugh at you if you get caught out in your fluffy slippers!"; 
  if ($phoneno == "") $phoneno = "1300 303 720";
   // Replace parameters in about us text
   $aboutus = str_replace("{phone}",$phoneno,$aboutus);
   $aboutus = str_replace("{suburb}",$suburb,$aboutus);

The Domains

The domains are the suburbs that the client was happy to service. More could be added if required.

  • mobilelocksmithcarlton.com.au
  • mobilelocksmithglenroy.com.au
  • mobilelocksmithcoburg.com.au
  • mobilelocksmithprincesshill.com.au
  • mobilelocksmithabbottsford.com.au
  • mobilelocksmithbrunswickeast.com.au
  • mobilelocksmithcollingwood.com.au
  • mobilelocksmithfitzroynorth.com.au
  • mobilelocksmithmelbourne.net.au
  • mobilelocksmithnorthmelbourne.com.au
  • mobilelocksmithreservoir.com.au
  • mobilemelbournelocksmith.com.au
  • mobilelocksmithbrunswick.com.au
  • mobilelocksmithbrunswickwest.com.au
  • mobilelocksmithcliftonhill.com.au
  • mobilelocksmithfitzroy.com.au
  • mobilelocksmithnorthcote.com.au
  • mobilelocksmithpreston.com.au
  • mobilelocksmiththornbury.com.au
  • mobilelocksmithwestmelbourne.com.au

The Look

The dark home page.

The website was online from February 2013. To save money around 2017 the client took on managing the domains.

In February 2019 the domains were not renewed taking the website offline. The Wayback machine has a copy here.

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