Theatre 451

Theatre 451 was a non-profit organisation which produced and promoted affordable and accessible theatre in the north east of Melbourne. They needed a website that looks great and is easy to maintain.

Ultimatum Theme

The site was built using the Ultimatum theme framework version 2.5.105.

Ultimatum has improved much since last time I used it. The forms plugin made it easy to create a form that hides fields depending on the contents of other fields. Bootstrap has been now fully implemented and it works well.

Landing Page

The site features a landing page reached with www.theatre451.com. It’s dark theme sets the mood for the site and the monochrome images used throughout. When plays are on a few short words and a booking link can be added here at the top.

Theatre 451 home page

Home Page

The home page indicates the main start of the site. Here more information about the current plays are shown. Side panels show the plays that are coming up.

The What’s On page. Sadly the group never recovered from the Covid-19 lockdowns.


Being based on Twitter Bootstrap the design is responsive and easily viewable on tablets and mobile devices; a must now given the increase in smart phones being used to access the internet.

As of early 2015 Google will give sites that are not mobile compatible a lower ranking than compatible sites for users who are searching from a mobile phone; so it’s more important than ever.


As the plays are rehearsed photos are taken and these are placed in an attractive gallery for prospective patrons to view.

Gallery for the double billed night, Plastic and Frenemies.


All information is kept within two clicks of the mouse to make navigation easy.

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