Express Locksmiths

Express Locksmiths needed to improve their rankings with Google. A multi suburb sub-domain technique was used.

For Express Locksmiths a multi-linking feature was required to improve its list ranking on Google. The site changes depending on what suburb is placed in the sub-domain, eg: elwood.expresslocksmiths.com.au takes you to a version of the site with Elwood in it.

Express Locksmiths home page
Express Locksmiths home page

A custom template was made to accomplish this; and a side benefit was that the CSS is much easier to deal with.


Many of the graphics were drawn using Fireworks with suggestions from the client. The three dimensional effects were created using tips from Painting the Web by Shelley Winters.

Virtuemart Catalogue

This site uses Virtuemart but only in "catalogue" mode. Products are displayed but cannot be purchased. As there are only a few products and not much extra information about them it would have been better to simply add a page to contain them.


The links at the bottom are intended to help improve the site's Google search ranking. Google have now changed to assessing the amount of content rather than the number of links pointing to a site. Adding news, FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) and hints sections would improve the content and the site ranking.

It would have been better to put the suburbs in a database. When I started a list looked OK, but after it's been set up a database would have been a better option.

There is a link to Facebook to help improve the ranking. A video or two hosted on YouTube would be a nice addition too.

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