Joomla module for EMRC site

Completed in September 2010, this is not a true module as it lacks XML packaging. Driving the form is a PHP script contained on the page using Jumi . The user must be logged in to view their subscription transactions.

The transactions are stored in a MySQL table within the Joomla database. The balance is calculated and if the member is in front, as shown above, a blue message box appears. If the member is behind an orange message box is shown with a reminder to pay up.

If the member is the club treasurer as shown in the screen shot, a small form is shown to allow the uploading of an output file from Quicken where the financial records are stored.

A future development will be to build a VB.NET front end to allow transactions to be entered directly into the database.

Note: The "Your Subs" option is accessible only by EMRC club members who must be logged in to see it.

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