SAM 600

The Society of Antique Modellers needed to update their old site to something that was easy to maintain and mobile compatible. Joomla and the included Protostar template fitted the needs perfectly.

SAM 600, Joomla 3 website.

My second site using Joomla 3.x and it's getting easier. I would have used WordPress but the client was familiar with Joomla! and didn't want to use anything else.

I used one of the templates that comes with the installation, Protostar. Continuing the space theme (Solarflare from 1.0 and Milkyway from 1.5), Protostar is the Joomla 3 site template based on Bootstrap from Twitter.

The site is responsive and it's quite easy to use on a mobile or tablet device. The bottom slide show shrinks nicely as the screen size decreases.

On the Our Events page I made use of Twitter Bootstrap's scaffolding. It works well for all screen sizes.


The Our Calculators page uses JavaScript to help members with adhering to rules. Once the fields are filled out and tabbed out by the user, the following JavaScript code is run and the results are displayed on the page.

function calcWingArea()     {
    var wingChord = 0.0;
    var wingLength = 0.0;
    wingChord = parseFloat(document.getElementById('wingChord').value);
    wingLength = parseFloat(document.getElementById('wingLength').value);
    wingArea = wingChord * wingLength;
    if (!(isNaN(wingArea))) {
        document.getElementById('wingArea').value = wingArea.toFixed(0) + " square inches";
        document.getElementById('sizeLimit2stroke225').value = (wingArea *.1 / 225).toFixed(2) + " cubic inches";
        document.getElementById('sizeLimit4stroke225').value = (wingArea  / (225*6)).toFixed(2) + " cubic inches";
        document.getElementById('sizeLimit2stroke170').value = (wingArea *.1 / 170).toFixed(2) + " cubic inches";
        document.getElementById('sizeLimit4stroke170').value = (wingArea  / (170*6)).toFixed(2) + " cubic inches";        

The site was online from November 2013 until 2021. The website can still be viewed on the web archive at https://web.archive.org/web/20210301190505/http://sam600.com/.

The old website can be viewed at https://web.archive.org/web/20210301190505/http://sam600.com/old-site.


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