The Lock Boss

A new lock-smith business needed a new website for marketing purposes.

WordPress is great for SEO, and I was hoping to include the suburbs the business covers, but it was decided to leave this out for the moment. This would have helped with getting found for "Locksmith Mill Park" for example.

Stock Photos

I dressed the site up with images from The Dollar Photo Club. This is only the third time I have bought stock photos. The bought ones look a lot better than the free ones that come off Free Images and RGB Stock. The free sites do have great photos but you have to search a bit longer for suitable images.

Ultimatum Template

The Lock Boss
The Lock Boss

With Ultimatum version 2.6.1 many frustrations for the user have been removed. There are now many useful plugins and the layouts and CSS are much easier to navigate.

Once installed you enter your Ultimatum account name and password. This connects your site to Ultimatum for updates (although I turn automatic ones off). Connecting allows you to complete the installation with the library (once in a separate ZIP file) and the plugins.

If you access your site with another user to the one used for connecting to Ultimatum you won't see the Ult. Toolset menu. Log in with the user you were in when Ultimatum was set up and it will be there again. I guess this feature prevents other WordPress users from accessing your Ultimatum account.

The Result

You can check out the final result at thelockboss.com.au.

Just after it was handed over to the client a request came to give it to the SEO experts. Not only did they change the hosting to a slightly faster server but the entire site was changed including the client's address! The updates appear to have done little to improve the SEO results of the site.

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