Ultimatum Toolset recovery

Sometimes access to the Ultimatum Toolset is lost. Read on to learn how to recover it.

If the menu option is still there try resetting the Toolset library to your Ultimatum user.

If that's not possible, or if like what happened to me the menu option disappeared altogether try this recovery method.

PHPmyadmin to the rescue

You will need to have access to PHPmyadmin through the website's hosting.

Determine User ID

First determine the ID of the user that is to have toolset access. Go to the website's WordPress database and open the wp_users table. Find the user and take note of the ID.

Fix Ultimatum Option

Next go to the wp_options table and locate the record where the field option_name is "ultimatum_toolset", or try using the following SQL:

SELECT FROM `wp_options` WHERE `option_name` LIKE "%tool%"

Edit the option_value replacing the field contents with i:x; where "x" is the user ID. Save the record and then check if access to the Ultimatum Toolset has been granted.

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